The CHAMPS - Cardiovascular Healthcare Affiliates Meet Paris Sud

9-10 March 2023


Cardiovascular Healthcare Affiliates Meet Paris Sud – CHAMPS New edition this year will be a hybrid event gathering all top cardiologists in Egypt. The physical attendance will be for the faculty only. The faculty will be classified into groups (Coronary & Structural) and each group will be preparing & sharing challenging cases.

Heart Failure Train the Trainers – Advanced Course in Heart Failure

6-7 April 2023


Training the trainers meeting will be gathering the top KOLs in the heart failure field in Egypt with the 3 of the top international experts worldwide. The eminent international speakers will discuss exclusively the new guidelines in heart failure that will be released in the annual conference of the Heart Failure Association. This meeting will be followed by another meeting to deliver this knowledge to all cardiologists in different cities.


13-16 June 2023

Cardiac Imaging Workshops

3-4 August 2023


The cardiac imaging workshops are delivered by top cardiology professors in the field and their experience in hands-on case-based education. Cases are carefully selected to emphasize teaching points and maximize the learning experience. From image optimization to image interpretation, the hands-on workshops will build the physicians confidence and consolidate their knowledge.

Cardio Metabolic Alliance

7-8 September 2023


The CARDIO METABLOIC Alliance” is an intensive meeting designed for cardiologists, diabetologists internists, general practitioners, and other health care providers who encounter patients with various heart diseases, in collaboration with CVREP foundation

Heart Failure Summit

21-22 September 2023
Hilton Heliopolis, Cairo


Heart failure summit succeeded in organizing a unique meeting each year in collaboration with the experts and delivering all the advances in the Heart Failure Guidelines and discussing the new ESC guidelines. This year the summit will continue the success and innovation to obtain additional knowledge to enrich their professional development by adding new ideas to the scientific program

Dyslipidemia Forum

12-13 October 2023


Dyslipidemia Forum is a hybrid meeting endorsed by the Cardiovascular Research, Education & Prevention Foundation (CVREP) including an educational research program providing the latest updates in dyslipidemia. The project will include live presentations and valuable discussions with the national and international experts to demonstrate expertise in the field of dyslipidemia diseases.

Heart Failure National Hubs

9 November 2023


For the 1st time in Egypt, this Heart Failure project will be implemented in 5 different hubs in the Egyptian cities at same day and same time delivering the same curriculum with different perspectives. The Egyptian KOLs from across the country will deliver their knowledge to all the cardiologists in the cities.

PCI Global Summit

30 Nov - 1 Dec 2023


PCI Global Summit is an intervention event gathering the top intervention entities Transcatheter Cardiovascular Therapeutics (TCT), Joint Intervention Meeting (JIM), Latin American Society of Interventional Cardiology (SOLACI) and The Society for Cardiovascular Angiography and Interventions (SCAI). This event will provide attendees the latest advances internationally in intervention.

Dyslipidemia Fellowship


Dyslipidemia fellowships are designed to promote and advocate the understanding of dyslipidemia and primary prevention. The primary goal of this specialized training is to reduce the morbidity and mortality from dyslipidemia and related diseases by bridging basic knowledge and recent understanding of the vascular biology and their relevance to the basis of high-risk screening and prevention of disease in a clinical setting.

Heart Failure Fellowship

Learning objectives:

Enrich each fellow with a portfolio of vital clinical skills, tools for thoughtful decision-making, and a commitment to extend and advance the delivery of care for heart failure.