ECG in Action Workshops

The ECG IN-ACTION is an innovative educational and gaming platform and is a component of a suite of educational resources powered and administered by the ICOM group.

Employing a blend of auditory and visual aids, such as sound and diagrams, the product facilitates comprehensive instruction in the accurate interpretation of ECG recordings

Furthermore, it features a challenge mode enabling learners to assess their proficiency by identifying ECG rhythms within a five-minute timeframe. Prospective subscribers have the opportunity to preview a brief demo of the product prior to subscription to familiarize themselves with its features

Objective of ECG In Action:

Producing an educational material to all healthcare professionals and medical students that can learn how to read ECG recordings from scratch by hearing the sound and see the recordings diagrams and also the recorded heart rate during each rhythm.

Target Audience:

Program comprises two distinct components

Designed to enable participants to acquire proficiency in ECG interpretation and subsequently test their skills

1- Theoretical Part (learning)


Participants have the opportunity to familiarize themselves with more than 25 heart rhythms, each accompanied by a displayed heart rate, while simultaneously listening to the corresponding rhythm and a full description for the reading.

2- Hands-on (Gaming)


Candidates can assess their skills through a 5-minute challenge game, where they are tasked with displayed heart rhythms and are subsequently scored based on their performance.