Electrophysiology Workshops

Course Description:

For those unable to attend in person, a recording of the workshop will be available for viewing on the CVREP website. This allows for wider dissemination of the knowledge shared and flexibility in accessing the content.

It will consist of 2 waves:

Each wave will consist of 2 small waves

Workshop Committee

Prof. Mostafa Nawar

Dr. Moataz Zaki

Dr. Ali Abo El Hoda

Dr. Mohamed Sanhoury

Dr. Ahmed Mokhtar

Dr. Ashraf El Amin

Dr. Mostafa Daoud

Dr. Rowan Ghazy

Workshop Main Tracks

1- Basics of Pacemakers and defibrillators course

  1. Introduction to cardiac pacing.
  2. Anatomy relevant to device implantation.
  3. How to implant a pacemaker.
  4. How to interrogate a pacemaker.
  5. Pacing modes.
  6. Pacemaker troubleshooting.
  7. Physiological pacing.
  8. Introduction to resynchronization therapy.
  9. Anatomy relevant to device implantation.
  10. How to implant a CRT.
  11. How to follow a CRT with the role of ECG.
  12. CRT troubleshooting.
  13. How to improve the responder rate.
  14. Introduction to implantable cardiac defibrillators.
  15. How to implant a defibrillator (different types).
  16. How to interrogate a defibrillator.
  17. Appropriate and inappropriate shocks.
  18. Defibrillator troubleshooting.
  19. Patient education about daily life issues.
  20. Device related infection.
  21. Final quiz exam.

2- Basics of electrophysiology

  1. Cardiac anatomy relevant to EP procedures.
  2. Cardiac imaging relevant to electrophysiologist.
  3. Role of ECG in decision making and procedure planning.
  4. EP fundamentals: cardiac action potentials, EKG basics and troubleshooting, arrhythmia mechanisms, EGM basics, workflow for EP studies, basic pharmacology,
  5. Basics of EP study.
  6. Biophysics of ablation: Concepts of ablation physics including tissue heating, tissue temp, catheter types, and monitoring
  7. SVT: How to interpret EKG and EGMs specific to AVNRT, AVRT, and AT, The various ablation strategies for each arrythmia
  8. AF/Flutter: How to interpret EKG and EGMs, The various ablation strategies for each arrythmia
  9. Final Quiz Exam.