Cardio Metabolic Alliance 2024

Project Overview:

Is an intensive meeting designed for cardiologists, diabetologists internists, general practitioners, and other health care providers who encounter patients with various heart diseases

Cardio Metabolic

Will keep its successful template of debate between Cardiologists and diabetologists & Nephrologists

Date  09-10 MAY 2024

Venue Intercontinental City Stars – Cairo

The second conference day will feature a dedicated workshop from 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM.

Heart Failure Summit 2024

Project Overview:

This year the summit will continue the success and innovation with the digital theme to obtain additional knowledge to enrich their professional development by adding new ideas to the scientific program

Target Audience:

PCI Global Summit 2024

Project Overview:

Is an intervention event gathering the top interventional entities

Target Audience:

This year, we're excited to explore ways to extend our collaboration beyond the upcoming conference.

We see immense potential in expanding our partnership to offer even greater value to our respective communities.

Cardio Connect

What Is Cardio Connect ?

It's a project that focus on elevating the knowledge of the health insurance physicians in different cities.

The project will cover different cardiovascular sub- specialties.

It will consist of several waves that will have national reach and will work in:

This project will focus on 3 main points: