The Global Heart Attack Treatment Initiative (GHATI)

Is dedicated to collaborating, collecting and sharing data, and utilizing tools to improve AMI care for your MI patients.
Your participation is crucial to building an invaluable data set that will advance the development and delivery of acute MI standards of care worldwide.

CVREP Grants

No doubt that the research is the core of development in the medical field,
CVREP has felt that it’s her duty to contribute in building better future
for the Cardiologists by providing different research grants including
Prof. Wael Al- Mahmeed CVREP Grant
Prof. Adel El Banna-CVREP Grant
Prof. Sobhy- CVREP Grant


The module provides an opportunity to teach core coronary angiography skills to a variety of learner levels. It sets a new standard for medical education and the learning objectives are designed to fulfil both technical and cognitive skills acquisition for cardiologists and all members of the procedure team.
All cases have the choice of either femoral or transracial access. They can be used for building general familiarity with use of interventional x-ray equipment, coronary angiography, LV-grams and basic endovascular wire and catheter skills. The cases include both normal coronary anatomies and less common variations, as well as complete patient case descriptions and a large collection of available medications and clinical devices.

Excellence Research Center

The Excellence Research Center seeks to facilitate the development of new research initiatives and publications that cut across traditional disciplinary administrative boundaries in Egypt, serving African, South European, and the Middle Eastern countries. The research center also provides Grants, Research Courses and Programs and Software on demand.

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